Saturday, March 2, 2013

L❤ve story

So I started this post a few days ago and my phone died and deleted it! 😵😠😩

Let's try this again! It's going to be long...

So, in 8-9th grade AIM was the big thing. I talked to this guy SeXyShAnE123 (or something like that) -he had a bleach blonde bowl cut.. Gag!- My cousin and I went to watch him play football one day and I was supposed to meet up with him after the game but that never happened because my cousin started some drama with one of the cheerleaders.. Well, a few weeks later I moved and never talked to the guy again.

In my new town I dated a guy named Johnathon off and on for 5 years. We were engaged for a while and had a bad break up after I finished hair school. I decided to leave all the drama and move back to my home town.

After being back in town about a year and dating plenty of losers, I started working at the salon I went to growing up. The owners son hang around all the time and would bring his loser friends in all the time. One day Shane walked thru the door. -You know how they say when you know, you know? Well I knew!-

I tried to talk to him a few times and he wouldn't even look at me! I asked the salon owner about him and she told me he had a girlfriend and that I didn't have a chance with him because she was a model. -like the kind that plays Fiona from Shrek at Disney world? 😂- So I kinda left it alone until I heard they finally broke up. So the next time he came in for a haircut I told him some friends were going to see Little Big Town and I was the only one without a date and told him he should come. Well he came.... With a skank, I mean date!

I was so mad! Especially since every time I looked his way he was staring at me! He added me on Facebook a few days later and asked me on a date. We went to Applebee's and then to a friends house to watch American Idol lol.-lame!- The next week -jan 18, 2007- he asked me to be his girlfriend.

March 5, he piled up pillows and blankets in the bed of the truck and we parked out in the field so we could lay and look at the stars. He said "hey, you wanna marry me?" And put a ring on my finger. 😍

January 18, 2008, we got married!
After we had been married a few months I was playing on his old computer at his parents house. AIM popped up and I realized that I knew my husband a lot longer than I thought!

I have been happily married to Sexy Shane for 5 years now! We have been thru the Marine Corps, a miscarriage, and plenty of hard times, but we are blessed beyond measure. We are best friends and worst enemies. We make each other crazy and keep each other sane. We're complete opposites but we complete each other. He is a wonderful husband and a amazing father. I'm a lucky girl!


  1. SeXyShAnE..lmao! Y'all are too cute! :)

  2. Girl I about DIED when I realized that... Im gonna have to dig out his 8th grade pic and post it. So so so bad!