Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday

I would totally do weigh in Wednesday but.. I don't own a scale! My reason is I want to be more concerned with how I feel and look than how much I weigh. "Healthy is the new skinny!"

I do weigh myself if I am at someone's house who has a scale just because I can't stand not to. I still want to know if I have lost any,. But it's usually just 5 +/- so it's no fun anyways.

I dont want to be so focused on a number that I am doing unhealthy things. I want to recognize the changes in my body, and see and feel the results of a healthy lifestyle.

Since my pants are still giving me a muffin top and I refuse to buy new ones.. I am focusing on drinking more water and only water- hoping it will flush out some of this spare tire! My next post is going to be all about water :)

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